Magnolia stellata - Star Magnolia

Origin and Distribution

Star Magnolias originally stem from Japan but are nowadays used worldwide as ornamental shrubs.


Star magnolias are deciduous and slowly growing shrubs with a roundish habitus and compact branching. They normally reach a height and wideness of 2 to 3 meters. The white and star-shaped blossoms appear out of their hairy buds in late March or early April before the leaves. They can reach about 10 cm in diametre and have a pleasant scent. Magnolia stellata likes sunny and sheltered locations and fresh, slightly sour soil.

Interesting Facts

Star magnolias are free of pests and diseases. The cultivar ‚Royal Star’ is even more hardy than the species itself and flourishes about 1-2 weeks later. There are also double-flowered cultivars of Magnolia stellata of which‚ Chrysanthemiflora’ is probably the most beautiful one.

Garden Design

Even in the tiniest gardens Magnolia stellata can find its place and thanks to its frost resistance it is also suited for colder regions. Blue spring flowers such as Siberian bugloss, wood squill or Corydalis species are ideal companions for the Star magnolia with similar flowering time.