Project description "Frechen"

New garden for the HUF show house „green[r]evolution“ in Frechen near Cologne with mediterranean ambiance

The garden with its warm colours captivates with its sensitively coordinated materials: local sandstone slabs in shades of brown and grey, sandy coloured concrete paving stones and the yellowish-beige pebbles match harmoniously with the indoor slabs. A clematis trellis along the spacious wooden terrace screens the carport area from the garden. The wooden moai sculpture is the eye-catcher of the garden and is situated in the prolongation of the house's extension looking at its visitors.


Creation of the Moai sculpture

Log head from the Westerwald.

Inspired by the stony moai sculptures of the pacific Easter Island the artist Jens Röser created a wooden specimen for GartenART. The wooden head has found its place in the garden of the new HUF show house in Frechen near Cologne.