Project description "Mannheim"

Clear lines.

The modern garden design supports the clear lines of the house and its distinctive architecture. The spacious windows and the barrier-free access to the terraces are merging the inside and the outside. Prominent colours of the interior design are various green tones which are mirrored in the garden by lawn, plants, furniture and garden equipment. Green cubes and rectangular forms are a recurring theme in the garden design.

The house is situated on an island of lawn – a green bridge is leading visitors to the main entrance and in-ground luminaires accompany them in the dark. The neighbouring, slightly elevated area with an underground basement was grassed with the help of synthetic turf stripes. Stairs enable the access to this raised part of the garden and provide an interesting view back to the house and the rest of the garden. The edging made by gabions and concrete wall disks is at the same time a perfect background for a bench.

The theme of the green grass stripes is recurring on the large roof patio. As there was no possibility to plant trees in front of the house due to underground pipelines a herbaceous border was designed that will flower abundantly through the next years. A lime tree that is trimmed as a cube frames the plot at the side. Behind the house a nice shrub planting surrounds the cosy lounge area.