Project description "Neuwied II"

Spacious front yard and roomy family garden.

After the successful implementation of their dauhgter´s home garden – see project Neuwied 1 – the parental grounds were designed in the same style, completing and defining the space as a whole.

All (!) existing trees and paved areas were dismantled. Thanks to this radical decision and courage of the clients, we could develop new structures in a free way. A perfect garden situation with entirely new insights and outlooks as well as clearly structured surfaces and utilizations was realized.

The unused and just functional front garden area was transformed into a bright, friendly, diverse, yet easy-care feel-good area.

In spring daffodils, distributed over the surface, and some red tulips enlighten the front yard. A small way invites visitors to stroll around in a small space, flanked by low ground cover and half-height shrubs; in focus is a Crabapple tree.

Protected by two house walls right in the back of the tree a new favourite spot developed where one can end the day with the setting afternoon and evening sun. A curved wall equalises the different heights between house and street. The woolly hedgenettle with its velvety leaves obviously feels very comfortable at the base of the wall.

A circular terrace invites both families – young and old – to spend time together; more privacy and an opportunity for retreat is offered by a terrace enclosed with a screening wall and palisades. The beach chair has been given a place of honour.