Project description "Wuppertal"

Challenging small garden.

The colour red is playing a main role in house and garden of the new HUF HAUS modum in Wuppertal.

The red of the main entrance door is mirrored outside by the decorative screening walls; plants take up the colour by their leaves, flowers or fruits and red ceramic stripes guide views and walk of visitors to the house.

The small but nevertheless appealing garden does without any lawn area; instead the various garden spaces are designed with pebbles and ground covering plants which are given vertical accentuation by topiaries and shrubs.

Hedges, screening walls and steles of natural stone play with insights into and outlooks from the garden and house.

A small garden of challenges: the constricted space and local requirements confronted the planning with interesting tasks. It crystallises that even or in particular small gardens with well-thought-out design form a surplus value for recreation and spare time and discreetly emphasise the house´s architecture.