Project description "Zumikon"

Privat garden with a view to the Alps. 

In the first construction phase the steepest slope has been fixed with square rocks. With the help of that the garden level gains its maximal surface.

The square rocks leave space for plants; also the integration of existing plants is possible. 

In the second construction phase the terrace surfaces and the marginal planting have been implemented. With consciously worked out details and materials a garden is developed that is easy to take care of and good for recovering and enjoyment. 

A whirlpool on floor level invites to relax. 

A small way along a planting area with a combination of evergreen formal and informal copses and small fruit bearing shrubs all along with some selected perennials seduces one to stroll.

As a retreating area in a protected location is a pergola entwined with clematis - it allows another perspective on house and garden.