Project description "Dumbrava Vlasiei"

Near Bucharest and its international airport a new residential area opened in autumn 2016.

For GartenART the challenge was to design a completely new area for the future residents on a former large forest clearing with appropriate architectural and constructive proportions.

The investor gave us plenty of rope in the design context and from the beginning he supported the idea that green open spaces should play a pivotal role in the entire residential area.

The park should be a contrast to the surrounding forest of pines, oaks and maples and both have spacious lawn areas as well as tree quarters to provide shade in hot Romanian summers. It should be a park for all future residents.

A large green belt is the centerpiece of the southern residential quarters. The lime tree alley with its enchanting scent in June is starting at a big round space with a mightful oak and is building the spine which is winding through the park and all following green areas. This alley is the connection between all green spaces and the residential quarters.

In the spacious green centerpiece of the area the residents can find both recreation as well as social exchange and cultural activities. Between hilly landscapes a few areas are designed more intensively: a children’s playground, an amphitheatre for events, a rose pergola and as a highlight a water feature with jumping jets built of natural stone.

The gardens of the two transparent HUF houses directly adjacent to the park are designed intensively and serve as a green enlargement of the houses’ living areas.