Network of specialists

The HUF Group

GartenART is a member of the HUF Group.

By collaborating with the relevant specialists from the Group, the builder of a HUF House can obtain all the services required for the project from a single source.

Comprehensive service portfolio

Every company in the HUF Group has extensive experience in its own field of expertise and has worked for many years with the particular requirements of HUF's innovative timber-frame architecture. At the same time, each of these companies is also successful in its own market outside the Group. This ensures that every customer has access to a range of well coordinated services and can be attended comprehensively - of course without having to be an owner of a HUF House.

The companies in the HUF Group

Whether landscaping, interior design with built-in furniture and tasteful decoration or financing and basement building - HUF HAUS works hand in hand with the relevant specialists from its own group of companies. For the benefit of the customers!