Project description "Darmstadt"

Hillside garden overlooking meadows, woods and fields.

Straightly designed terraces and entrance area support the clear structures of HUF HAUS.

The upper terrace is shielded against glances by the house, the wall of the carport and the privet hedge. The thus on three sides enclosed space offers the residents a comfortable privacy. An elongated water basin with several foam fountains and an ornamental apple tree are drawing attention to themselves and stimulate the senses.

The sophisticated lighting concept of GartenART provides an exciting and varied atmosphere in the dark: LED- underwater lights for the basin, ground spots under solitary trees, variable spotlights on earth spikes for individual lighting needs and bollards along access ways and stairs.

The client started building a rock wall with Jurassic limestone-blocks, which was harmoniously integrated into the overall concept. A staircase leads down through the terraced hillside to the lower garden level. Another sitting area, also surrounded by Jurassic limestone-blocks for restraining the slope, is reached by a path made of basalit plates. A planting belt surrounds the lower garden level. The upper main terrace still allows a clear view of meadows, woods and fields.